Burgoo is like an international fair of comfort food, focused on hearty meals with flavours from across the globe.


Ali and I dropped by Burgoo on a whim, the name is well-recognized in North Van and has a menu that can cater to any taste. Glancing at the starters, we ordered the molten Gruyere and Emmental Fonduemental fondue.

The Fonduemnetal, served with a side of apple chunks, grapes and crusty bread
The Fonduemental, served with a side of apple chunks, grapes and crusty bread

Shak: How many places serve fondue? The apple and grapes work fine, but the crusty bread is the real winner.  Cheese was gooey and delicious. The serving size is adequate and staff were happy to refill my bread.

Ali: We found ourselves going through the fruit first, so we could enjoy the bread and cheese. The fondue was phenomenal, nice and hot and full of flavour.

Shak’s Rating: 4/5 — Ali’s Rating: 4.5/5

A conversation earlier that day convinced me to order the Shepard’s Pie without a second thought. Filled with Guinness braised lamb and beef, the pie also had a swathe of vegetables and was topped with hearty aged white Cheddar mashed potatoes.

Shepards Pie, stuffed with Guinness braised lamb and beef
Shepard’s Pie

Shak: The dish never quite cools down enough to enjoy all the flavours. The lamb is particularly nice and the mashed potatoes are fluffy. The tastes aren’t quite as bold as I would’ve hoped.

Ali: I steered clear of the lamb, so it wouldn’t cloud my judgement. It looks mouthwatering, but messy! It tasted nice, but it didn’t blow me away.

Shak’s Rating: 3.5/5 — Ali’s Rating: 3.5/5

We’ve both heard so much about chicken pot pie, but never experienced it for ourselves. Time to try something new! Burgoo’s dish is made with free run chicken, wild mushrooms and peas in a Dijon cream sauce.

Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pot Pie

Shak: The rosemary puff pastry is quite nice, but the chicken underneath is sort of bland. I like the idea of serving food in a pan, but the cream sauce almost pours out when you try to dig in.

Ali: A little sauce-heavy and really challenging to eat in that small dish. A plate would’ve been nice. I had no problems with my meal, but wasn’t raving about it either. I really liked the puff pastry though!

So what about the X-factors? Food may be a restaurants selling point, but when you’re out with friends you’ll want to consider the joint’s atmosphere.

Courtesy of LowerLonsdale.ca
Courtesy of LowerLonsdale.ca

THE VIBE: (Ambience + Service)

Shak: A typical problem with small restaurants in the winter: there is never space! We had the choice between a 40 minute wait and immediate service at the bar, we chose the latter. It was a little cramped, but the bartender/server was a delight.

Ali: I’m typically not too concerned with where we sit. The bar actually gave us lots to talk about, between the T.V. and occasional people-watching. The tables also looked nice.

Shak’s Rating: 3.5/5 — Ali’s Rating: 3.5/5

Vancouver’s a pricey city to live in, you won’t always want to break the bank to have a nice meal with your homies. So how affordable is Burgoo?

David Playford/Free Images
David Playford/Free Images


Shak: The food here isn’t particularly friendly on the wallet and there are other restaurants nearby with competitive cost-to-food ratios. The Fondue set us back $14 and the Shepard’s Pie rang in at $17.

Ali: The chicken pot pie also didn’t come cheap, ringing in at $17.50. Considering neither of us loved it, I’m sure our money could have been better spent on something else.

Shak’s Rating: 3/5 — Ali’s Rating: 3/5

Burgoo is a safe bet when looking to fancy up dinner. The Fondue is a must have, plus I’ve heard great things about their grilled cheese. Unfortunately, the main courses weren’t quite up to snuff. Nevertheless, I’d recommend you give it a try for yourselves.

Check It Out Here!


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